Google’s SmartWatch – What else is new for 2014?

For 2014, Google has something up its sleeve. With a lot more people getting more health conscious, Google is introducing smart watches that will soon debut in the market. The Android smart watches from Google will be equipped with exceptional voice controls. They will be able to monitor your heart activity, connect to tablets, smartphones and more.

A few months ago, the search engine giant revealed the plan to create high quality watches and many other wearable devices running on the popular Android operating system. Google also stated that the SmartWatch will be open to application developers interested in creating high-end applications for the watches.

A New Revolution in Wearable Devices is Growing Rapidly

 With the increasing demand of wearable devices, Google was encouraged to introduce the Android Wear Project. In the beginning, most industry experts thought the News was just a rumor. However, Google was planning something against the iOS smartwatch and Apple’s plans to create high-end wearable computing devices.

 Recently, LG also expressed its interest in introducing the G Watch. It was supposed to be the first Android SmartWatch to be released in the second quarter of 2014. Motorola also gave information about Moto 360 Android SmartWatch. It is up for grabs this summer.

 Google has been working in collaboration with Fossil. It is a big brand name creating high quality accessories, including handbags, watches and more. Motorola also announced that the public will be notified soon about the release of the Moto 360 SmartWatch. Google was also in the news when it revealed plans to sell the company to Lenovo.

In recent years, technological advancements have been more rapid and innovative. Thus, people believe that wearable computing devices and smart watches will be the next big thing in the industry. Samsung was the first to start offering smart watches. However, the company’s success is yet to be analyzed. Customers are still new to smart watches, and there’s time to see if they will be completely fond of these devices or not.

 In addition to this, Google is also planning to develop something called the Google Glass. It is a tiny stamp screen that can easily fit to a pair of eyeglass frames. This is a small but powerful device that can easily access email, record videoclips, give you driving instructions and help you retrieve all kinds of information from the Internet. You can connect it wirelessly to your smartphone.

 It is worth mentioning that this latest innovation met some criticisms. People raised many questions regarding privacy and secure. While driving, some people thought this device would be a distraction. According to industry experts, Google SmartWatch will be much better than Google Glass.

 Google is extremely excited with their latest wearable technology. It is going to be interactive, practical, dynamic and super attractive. Currently, about 10 companies are working on this project in close association with Google.

 These companies include HTC, Asus, Samsung, Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Mediatek and a few other prominent names in the industry. Everything is taking place in an organized way and there should not be too long when you will be able to see the technological advances with your naked eye.